Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Crome Has great features and one huge bug.

Google's big snub to Mozilla was that it could handle memory management better. It said by having a seperate process for each. Here is everything google said about it: Washington Post's article on google chrome. The definitive response so far is good. It loads pages quicks, has a few rendering mistakes but that's always happens between browsers, and one browser crashing, or one tab, doesn't cause it to break down.

Well I wasn't satisified with that. So I loaded the following code into the Chrome Inspector and saw it crash all my browsers.

while (true) { document.location="";} 

It crashed the whole thing on my first try INCLUDING the Chrome inspector. You get to see the neat Awwww snap display from google if you crash anything. On the light side, it handled the crash really well, suggesting I reload the page and see what may come.  Little do they know the crash isn't from their page. Usually Chrome spots unending javascript but not in their Javascript Console. Maybe a little premature guys! Good job, otherwise.